Saturday, May 23, 2015

Row by Row Experience

In just one more month, the 2015 Row by Row Experience will begin.  Rather than trying to explain here, I'll direct you to their site:

We're getting excited here at Cotton Fields.  Our row is finished.

License plates are here.

And the grand prize for the first finished quilt has been ordered.

"Bobbin the Robin" will soon be on hand to over see the proceedings.  We can't wait for the fun to begin on June 21.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Monkey Mates

I just got a few pieces of this collection from Marcus Brothers.  Cute for kids. Pillow cases, quilts and more! The stripe would make a fabulous binding.  All are priced at $8.99/yard.





Also in the novelty department is this fun farm print from P& B Textiles Moos & Hoos collection.  It's also $8.99/yard.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Baskets and MORE!

First of all, I made my very own "Practical Art Gadget Cushion".  I had to borrow a phone for its glamour shot because I am a granny who still has a flip phone.  ANYWAY, it was quick and easy to make.  I used almost a whole bag of crushed walnut shells.  It needed to be stuffed tight.  (That cutie pie fabric is from the Pandora collection by Timeless Treasures.)

A LOAD of baskets was delivered yesterday.  They will be traveling with me to Morehead City next week for the quilt show.  I have a really nice assortment right now, so be sure to come in this coming week or see me at the quilt show.

Large round market baskets are $34, the small are $18.00.

Large oval market baskets are $34.

Small oval are $20, pie baskets are $24, fruit baskets (no handles) are $20.

Bread baskets are $24.

Not pictured are U-shoppers, similar in size to the large ovals.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Practical Art Gadget Cushion

It's here at long last: The Practical Art Gadget Cushion.

Actually, the supplies are here.  The pattern is printed on interfacing sold by QuiltSmart.  They sell many patterns printed the same way and I've made three of their bags.  Instructions were easy to follow.  Now I need to get busy and make my very own "Gadget Cushion".