Saturday, May 9, 2015

Baskets and MORE!

First of all, I made my very own "Practical Art Gadget Cushion".  I had to borrow a phone for its glamour shot because I am a granny who still has a flip phone.  ANYWAY, it was quick and easy to make.  I used almost a whole bag of crushed walnut shells.  It needed to be stuffed tight.  (That cutie pie fabric is from the Pandora collection by Timeless Treasures.)

A LOAD of baskets was delivered yesterday.  They will be traveling with me to Morehead City next week for the quilt show.  I have a really nice assortment right now, so be sure to come in this coming week or see me at the quilt show.

Large round market baskets are $34, the small are $18.00.

Large oval market baskets are $34.

Small oval are $20, pie baskets are $24, fruit baskets (no handles) are $20.

Bread baskets are $24.

Not pictured are U-shoppers, similar in size to the large ovals.

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