Saturday, September 5, 2015

Waiting and Planning

While I'm waiting for a LARGE delivery from Island Batik, I'll let you know what else is going on at Cotton Fields.

Row by Row is winding down.  Tuesday, Sept. 8 is the LAST day to pick up free patterns or buy row kits.  The "Experience" has been a lot of fun and we will definitely participate again next year.  Why does it end on Sept. 8?  To give people time to sit down and finish their row by row quilts!  A few stores (like mine) had early birds/over achievers who finished quilts right away.  A lot of stores haven't seen winners yet, and they have prizes ready to be claimed. You can win at a store even if you didn't use their row as long as it meets the rest of the criteria:  finished, quilted, bound, labeled, and using at least 8 different shop rows.

Cotton Fields CLASSES are listed on the SCHEDULE page.  There are three classes offered in September.

KITTY HAWK!  Cotton Fields will return to Knitting Addiction on October 10. We've been there twice before and it's so much fun to visit Jeanne.  We set up a mini-store INSIDE her store and will be there all day 10-4.  Let me know if you have any special requests before I load the car.

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