Friday, May 27, 2016

Row by Row Experience - Home Sweet Home

HOME SWEET HOME is this year's theme for the Row by Row Experience. The event starts on June 21 and stores all over the US and Canada are participating.  

You can pick up a free pattern at each shop and will have the opportunity to buy fabric kits for the rows, fabric license plates and Row by Row themed fabric.  Remember: NO MAIL ORDERS.  You must pick up your row pattern in person or send a friend or relative.  Here's what you'll find at Cotton Fields Quilt Shop.



Each state has its own Row by Row Facebook Page.  Here in NC, type the whole name:  North Carolina Row by Row Experience to see pictures of the rows that have been revealed so far.  Make your travel plans!

Remember, the patterns are FREE.  You can choose to collect the patterns and use your own fabric if you wish.  As you travel about, you will see what many different shops have to offer.

Here at Cotton Fields, I chose to carry the Row by Row themed fabrics designed by Timeless Treasures Fabric.  I have these in stock now, at $12.29/yard.

I also have many of the Timeless Treasures blenders that coordinate.

C3096 chambray

C3096 charcoal

C3096 clover

C3096 delft

C3096 dove

C3096 grass

C3096 pink

C3096 red

Last year we were delighted by the number of out of town and out of state visitors we had who searched us out because of Row by Row.  We look forward to another fun summer making new friends!

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