Thursday, June 30, 2016

Anything But Boring

Anything But Boring is the pattern company of professional quilt designer Janice Pope.  We are lucky enough to have her living right here in North Carolina! 

Cotton Fields carries a number of Janice's patterns. All of the following are available for the price listed plus $2.00  shipping and tax (if applicable).

Prints Charming







Call if you'd like to place an order 252-948-0372.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Row by Row - Home Sweet Home

It's week #2 of this year's Row by Row Experience.  It had barely begun when there was already a store winner in Tennessee. 

Here are some other early birds:



Yesterday we had word that there was a winner in North Carolina.  This quilt was turned in at "Sewingly Yours" in Lewisville, NC.

These quilters all did a beautiful job of speed sewing and setting the rows together in an interesting way, instead of just making a long, SKINNY quilt!

If I remember correctly, last year the winning quilt here at Cotton Fields was turned in during the second week. Wonder who that winner will be this year? Here's the prize waiting for them:

Thursday, June 9, 2016


My GREAT sister-in-law, Jeri, is always sending me ideas!  Recently she sent me a cute table runner and pattern by Sweet & Simple.  That got me looking and I ended up ordering quite a few of their patterns.  They all cost $4 each!

These next three patterns I managed to find on my own.  They are all from "Made by Marney".  So cute, I'll be sure to add more to this collection.  They are all PAPER PIECED!  $10 each.

LAST, but certainly not least, is another of Jeri's discoveries, the Fold 'n Stitch Wreath.  Along with these patterns ($9.00), I have the pre-cut packs of 12 fusible squares to make the project even quicker ($8.50).

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Page

There are three area quilt shows on the horizon this fall.  I've created a QUILT SHOWS page here on the blog where you can find complete details about the shows coming up in Washington, New Bern, and Wilson.  First up is the show in Washington, NC, featuring this beautiful raffle quilt (chances are available NOW at Cotton Fields).